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Why Is A Reliable Dedicated Server Important?

Small scale and large-scale companies have many options to seek a hosting provider to host their sites, mail servers, or applications. The fact that today, the internet has come a long way, and thankfully these advanced solutions help you to enhance the online business experience. Well, there are many key benefits to dedicated servers, and it is worth getting one for your organization. A dedicated server improves the overall power and scalability of your business. 

Here are the Top Benefits of a Dedicated server – 

Enjoy advanced software/hardware solutions 

You need to work with a service that can guarantee a stable and long-term plan. It is fundamental that you have to choose the right provider because that allows you to enjoy the flexibility of having a server customized. To get a specific IP address, you will have to get a dedicated server. Additionally, it can be said that with a reliable server, you get the flexibility to function. 

Improved performance & reliability 

One of the most significant reasons for availing is that a dedicated server can increase loading speed and lowers any kind of risk. On the other hand, reliability is one of the most crucial factors that help to improve the performance of the business. A well managed, dedicated web server is a robust solution for any business. It comes along with a higher cost than shared hosting. A dedicated server offers a fast foothold on the web without upfront capital expenses. With managed hosting, troubleshooting also becomes easier. 

Security through data separation 

reliable dedicated server permits access to only your company, and a secure infrastructure includes firewalls and security monitoring. It has protection against malware and hacks and prevents DOS attacks. You can even implement your own higher levels of security with the help of access control. It adds an extra layer of protection to your customers and business data. A data center in Miami, Florida, provides security services to the customers when it comes to protection against online fraud.  

More control

Since you cannot share your dedicated server with anyone, it means that you get more control over it. It would be best to get a dedicated server from a trustworthy provider as you will then have good customer support in cases, customer and tech issues. The provider will assist you 24/7, and it becomes easier to get the right operating system. Companies these days offer Ipv4 lease for better functioning and easier control. 

Summing Up 

In a nutshell, without a dedicated server, an organization is incomplete. Whether it is a small scale or large scale company, it is important to get a reliable dedicated serverThe various advantages have already been discussed in the above article so that you can know how beneficial it is for your business. With this, you can also enjoy the improved performance and reliability for your secured organization.     

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Dedicated Servers

A Guide on Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

For people who work in the server trade, most of the information is common knowledge that they need to work daily. However, looking for a server might not know much of this information, and it is crucial to make an educated choice for your business.

As the focus is on the basics first, you should know about the server’s function. 

A server is a data storage unit that will send the information to other computers. The purpose of a server is to provide the functionality to other devices and programs. People who want to launch an application or have an e-commerce website that a shared server cannot manage opt for the undedicated server.

If the first question on your mind is the difference between a shared, unmanaged dedicated server and a managed dedicated server, you should probably opt for the managed dedicated server.

Shared server: 

A server for your device and program that hosts other websites, devices, and programs is called a shared server. The shared server is only ideal for clients who do not need a lot of space and speed.

Managed dedicated server: 

A managed dedicated server is among the costliest options in the lot, but it does have the least hassle possible. Overall, it does cost less as you do not have to spend money on getting it fixed anytime it goes wrong. When you book your managed dedicated server, you get free DDoS Protection, free cPanel/WHM 100% uptime SLA, 1 GBps Port, and 24/7/365 days support. With a managed dedicated server, you do not have to worry about anything at all.

Unmanaged Dedicated server: Unmanaged dedicated server means that you will get free DDoS protection, 100% uptime SLA, 1GBps Port, premium bandwidth, one usable IP, and 24/7/365 support. However, the client will have to allocate resources to keep the server in top-notch conditions as the server’s complete control goes to the company.

The price tag difference for these servers in increasing order is shared server, unmanaged dedicated server, and managed dedicated server.

Who should opt for the unmanaged dedicated servers?

Unmanaged dedicated servers are ideal for companies with technical support at easy disposal and can afford to allocate them to the server section. As most of the maintenance work and the server’s function falls on the company, you will need an expert on the team.

Unmanaged dedicated servers are best for people with the proper resources to keep it running. Depending on which company you choose to work with, the extent of services can vary. 

You can opt for Rapidedi to learn about the workings of Unmanaged Dedicated Servers and get a plan that best meets your needs. They have a particular phone line set up to help people with different requirements. 

Rapidedi has several servers, including the Data Center Miami, Florida, and others. Choose the one that is at the ideal location as per your needs and get ready to take your business to new heights.

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Dedicated Servers

How The Companies Benefit From A Dedicated Server Migration Service?

A business is run to grow in the future, and when it does, it requires plenty of data. With the overwhelming growth, dedicated server migration is required for expansion. 

Secondly, as the world is going digital, every industry or business wants its website to reach the public. This way, they can promote their products and services. To manage this, they require high-end services for website operation. For this, a dedicated server is needed, and a company pays for maintaining the server. 

However, these companies cannot perform high-end technical work on their own unless they have their engineers or network professionals to take care of. Even if they have dedicated people to handle the tasks, they ask for a higher price. 

For a safe and secure migration of a website server to another, technical knowledge is required. Maybe the company uses shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, or VPS hosting; it will require an advanced level of backing up the files, migrating, and setting up the new parameters.

In this scenario, many business organizations or companies often hire agencies to handle dedicated server migration. The engineers ensure that a proper backup of the data is taken. It helps in case of unwanted circumstances, and things can be rolled back. 

Benefits of migrating to a dedicated server

Running a business includes several investments, and setting up a dedicated server will ask for a significant investment. There are valid reasons for a worthy upgrade. Please look at the reasons one will require a dedicated server.

  • With the higher rate of traffic growth, it becomes imperative to opt for a dedicated server.
  • The dedicated server also wholly takes charge of the security concerns. Businesses can protect their confidential information with ease and convenience. 
  • With more traffic flowing to the business website, the owners cannot expect a downfall because of issues. For managing the traffic and it does not bounce back, a dedicated server optimizes the page loading time. 

Get DDoS protection with a server migration

As stated in the point mentioned above, the dedicated server takes care of the security and protection of privacy. One can experience trust and guarantee of the website as DDoS protection is offered free.

It is a well-known fact that the internet is affected by new threats and DDoS attacks. Opting for a dedicated server migration, the companies get around 20-30 Gbps of free DDoS protection. It helps the customers to overcome the downtime they are experiencing because of malicious attacks. 

As the system is entirely built and maintained in house, there should not be an issue with the latencies. Several attacks are filtered, and they protect the business activities, website, and other operations from the internet. 

To name a few, these attacks can be listed as SYN, ACK, and TCP based attacks. They are categorized as a distributed denial of service attacks. The DDoS protection filters these attacks, which are targeted towards websites, and dedicated servers. 


Migrating a server is not a simple thing; one needs to take the necessary steps. However, once the server is in place, a business will get the best security and optimized performance for the website and other operations. 

Dedicated Servers · VPS Hosting

Various services at Rapiddedi – Managed VPS, unmanaged dedicated hosting, managed dedicated hosting

As a company, you need several services to keep your business running. Some of these services come from remote locations with a lot of security. Rapiddedi, a web hosting company, provides a range of dedicated services to several clients, and you can be the next one. From managed VPS, unmanaged dedicated hosting managed dedicated hosting, and more, you can get everything on Rapiddedi.


A detail of the services we provide


Managed VPS – VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. The idea here is that the server is too big for the traffic that your website will receive. To lower the cost of operations while still keeping the clients happy. The Virtual Private Server includes physical servers that are distributed into several private sections for people to use.


The cost of an unmanaged VPS plan is even lesser than the managed VPS plans. At Rapiddedi, you can get unmanaged plans from $4.99 per month and the managed VPS plans starting from $30 per month. 


Depending on the bandwidth, core, size of the drive, RAM, dedicated IP, and other features, the cost of the service can vary.


Unmanaged dedicated hosting Dedicated hosting is when you have a complete physical server for your work. However, when it comes to unmanaged dedicated servers, this service comes with a lack of maintenance from the company. You will have to pay for the security, configuration, network, and new hardware installation from your pocket. 


It is a less costly monthly plan. However, in the long run, it can end up being more expensive. Cores, memory, hard drives, and bandwidth do result in the change of cost. At Rapiddedi, the monthly plan for an unmanaged dedicated server starts at $80 per month. It can change as the configurations get better. Also, clients can choose from several programs online as per their needs.


Managed dedicated server – A managed dedicated server is also a complete server dedicated to your website, but here everything is managed by the company. The infrastructure, security, configurations, network, and new hardware installation are included in the plan.


It does cost more than an unmanaged server, with plans starting at $165, increasing with better configurations. As you are making a monthly fee, one-time expenses to change hardware, setting, or security are no longer present. In the long run, a managed, dedicated server can be more beneficial for you. 


Also, if you get your server plan from Rapiddedi, you can get some of the most affordable prices while having some of the best services.




There are several server options available for clients. Clients can choose to have the unmanaged or managed VPS unmanaged or managed dedicated server with their choice configurations. Clients are responsible for going through their business requirements before selecting the right server as the one that fits the bill will vary with the needs.

VPS Hosting

The hottest web hosting trends for 2020

With increased technology innovating year after year and web hosting getting more advanced, new trends and developments are penetrating the market and the professionals’ interests. New methods, developments, and optimizations are being launched in order to simplify the work, provide better and safer hosting solutions and help an overall growth in the market.

New innovations and developments in the field of Web Hosting from RapidDedi

These days, companies are taking an even larger interest in web hosting services. This leads to more partnerships and increased level of trust between the interested parties. Moreover, customers are looking for customizable web hosting packages, easily adapted to their needs and vision. This transition comes with a series of new web hosting trends that will surely be of interest and value for businesses throughout 2020. Interested? Find out everything you need from RapidDedi so you can be up to date with the most interesting web hosting trends.

Web Hosting trends to be on the lookout for in 2020

1. Managed WordPress Hosting for better traffic

If you’re working with a WordPress website, you definitely need a really good hosting provider. As most of you know, this platform doesn’t provide on its own the type of web hosting you need in order to obtain the desired traffic to your website. The good news is that in 2020 you can consider WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress Hosting makes sure to provide everything you need in terms of support. Therefore, we’ll be seeing a lot of new, better-optimized websites here this year.

2. DDoS Protection for an increased level of security

Over the last few years, there’s been an unfortunate increase in the number of companies affected by DDoS attacks or Distributed Denial of Service Attack. This happens when a malicious person floods your server with enough requests at once so that your website crashes.

The number of attacks in 2020 is considerably limited due to a larger number of web hosting companies that have optimized and upgraded their DDoS protection services. So just be on the lookout and make sure you’re asking the right package from your provider.

3. Green web hosting to increase the global eco movement

Being one of the greatest Eco-friendly innovations, Green Web Hosting follows the overall global trend. Helping not only businesses that rely on marketing and promotions but also the whole planet. Pretty cool, right? Virtual private server hosting as those provided by RapidDedi is just an example. Make sure to consider this!

4. Cloud Hosting easy to use

Cloud technologies aren’t a secret to anyone, anymore. It’s the way of the modern world to keep everything backed and secure in a virtual space. This has expanded to cloud hosting, a type of service that provides reliability, speed, and performance. This type of hosting has a series of other advantages: affordability and the high level of reliability mentioned before. Check out  RapidDedi, one of the rapidly rising companies that provide cloud-based hosting. It’s easy to use, due to its management interface. It’s easy to use, due to its management interface. If this raised your attention, make sure to explore all your options.

Contact RapidDedi and explore the best solutions that fit perfectly your web hosting needs!

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Dedicated Servers

The Need of Dedicated Server – Why Businesses Opt for it?

There are different kinds of servers when it comes to hosting a website. Each hosting provides a different amount of resources such as RAM, Bandwidth, and security features. A blogger for example who is a novice makes use of shared hosting.

As the requirement of resources development, and the traffic increases, a website needs the hosting that can fulfill the requirement. Among all the hosting types, dedicated hosting is the top-level hosting server that provides the resources as per a business’s need.

Also, a dedicated server also provides DDoS Protection to stay away from the attacks of fake traffic. Hence, this type of server is totally customizable plus a high standard security-wise.

Let’s get to know the benefits-

Benefits of Dedicated Server

Security and Control

With a shared server, there are many users that use the same server. This is the server that comes with the most compromised security standard. As a dedicated server is dedicated toward one user only or one organization, no resources are shared, and hence it is the most secure among all servers.

This kind of server is a must if your company operates in the finance sector or if financial transactions take place on your website. To protect both the company’s data and customer information, businesses use a dedicated server.

Managed Hosting

Dedicated hosting comes in two forms: managed hosting and unmanaged hosting. Companies that have an IT team of their own often opt for an unmanaged dedicated server. On the other hand, companies that don’t have an in-house team for server management can opt for the managed dedicated hosting.

Both types of dedicated hosting are price-friendly and hassle-free that a business can opt for as per the convenience.

DDOS Protection

DDOS attacks are common that big businesses often face. These attacks send a server fake requests for the resources to consume all its RAM and speed. When this kind of attack happens, the authentic users or buyers often see an error message such as “server timeout.”

To solve the trouble dedicated hosting comes with DDOS protection that identifies all the fake requests and eliminates them right on the way.

Customization Possibilities

With a shared server, the resources are fixed and distributed among different users. When these resources are used more by a particular user, other users may face slow speed. This is not the case with the dedicated server since it only allows one user per server.

Another additional feature is the customization possibility. If the resources provided by the server provider are not enough, a business can always request for more or less. Hence you always pay for what you use and not otherwise.


Choosing the right server provider is essential if you don’t want to face any issues while operating. DDOS protection is always worth the money if your business handles customer information, and you can’t risk leaking it.


VPS Hosting

What are the Benefits of Virtual Private Server Hosting?

Whether you have a small business or a big one, its security should be your first preference. For it, you may be using the high-class dedicated servers. No doubt it is a quite good option but not so much for the small businesses. Dedicated servers allow using whole resources so, businesses which have high traffic on their website can prefer them. But, there can be some businesses which do not want to access the whole resources and for this purpose, VPS dedicated server can play a key role.

With it, you don’t need to buy a full server for your company. VPS (Virtual Private Server) works in the same manner as the dedicated server does. You will get the same services even at less cost.

Let’s discuss the benefits of the virtual private server in detail:

More Reliability

Shared web hosting usually comes with a large number of customers on the same servers, making them less reliable. With VPS, especially when it is your business, issues of sharing same resources and websites’ crashing will be eliminated. You will work with a more reliable or a secure server that will provide full safety from any type of hacking.

Better Utilization and Increased Productivity

With a physical server, an enterprise uses only 5 to 15 percent of the space. On the other hand, 80 percent of space can be used with the virtual server. So, what’s the need to spend money on an unnecessary thing? Isn’t it better to buy something useful at less cost?

Buying virtual server is better option to increase the overall productivity at fewer prices.


Increased Efficiency

No doubt if the same server is used by various businesses, the efficiency of the work can degrade. So, moving towards separate server can be a good option.

Virtual server hosting offers you fewer physical servers in your workplace, which can increase the efficiency in the service area. Decreased power consumption is also a big advantage of this hosting for any company. With fewer numbers of servers, you can utilize the space in a more effective way to ensure better productivity.

Server Deployment is Faster

Another benefit of virtual servers is the increased speed of deployment. These servers are standardized; one can easily replicate them and ensure a faster and more proficient IT department to meet any business’ needs.


More Flexibility

These servers come with more disk space, CPU, and RAM. You will have full access to the available RAM. You will also have the chance to choose your operating system and software for the server.

Managed Data Backups

For every company, it is highly crucial that it has proper option to back up its information. This way, you can always feel safe and restore data anytime, whenever there is a network issue.

Lesser Downtime

With VPS dedicated server, you should stop worrying about the extended periods of downtime. This type of server has more effective ways for backup and recovery which can be utilized in less time.

Hopefully, after reading above mentioned points, you may have understood the benefits of the VPS dedicated server. After understanding your needs, you should select a precise server for your business so that it can run safely.

Dedicated Servers

Why Managed Dedicated Servers is the Right Choice for a Business?

Once you fell in the league of cost-benefit analyses, you will take a note of servers that offer support, reliability and revenue. You need to realize that experts know it better. This means there are not one or two benefits of managed dedicated hosting but a number of benefits that attract large businesses towards it.

Most of you leave it to professionals when it comes to selecting a hosting for your business.


Here are reasons why several businesses use managed dedicated hosting for their work.

  1. Security is its Key Objective

Businesses invest their capital and time to ensure that their physical security employee training, network security meets national standards. This objective is achieved by managed hosting. No just this, this hosting service also provides timely updates and ensures that the servers are protected by developed malware and viruses.

  1. Support of Expert Team

Who can ‘No’ to expert support?

Managed dedicated hosting offers dedicated and experienced staff that provides 24×7 servers monitoring. Whilst, companies perhaps not invest in-house IT team, this hosting service offers a high level of professional support, which successfully saves your time and money.

It cuts down training or staff hiring that seriously works wonderfully for streamline operations. Thus, helps in multiplying profits.

  1. Reliable than Other Hosting Servers

When IT is not your key business, focusing on the right servers can be quite burdensome. And you cannot afford to entertain IT worries as they will eat your time.

With managed dedicated hosting, a quality data center infrastructure is what it offers. Since they provide data servers as their primary business, they are responsible for uninterruptible servers and quality with no single way to miss out failure. So, why not take their advantage and use them for their business? Of course, it’s a wise decision and businesses must take full advantage of dedicated hosting servers.


  1. Scalable Servers

At the time when your business is outgrowing, and you need expert assistance, managing outages can be a pain. With these servers, you will never have such problems. These servers have additional spaces that support your expansion needs.

This means it is perfect when it comes to scaling the space for businesses. With the assistance of expert staff, the benefit of using these servers is unique. There are several other benefits of using dedicated servers and most businesses are using it due to the above stated factors.

With the support of experienced staff, professional team and money, you can easily deploy managed dedicated servers for your business. Your business will get expert assistance, professional reliability and more. Other servers make the task of monitoring and updating the bandwidth, CPU and disk space with excessive data, which is not done by this kind of server. There are several companies that gained outstanding response by using dedicated servers on this form. Perhaps, this is the reason why most companies look for managed dedicated servers than others.

Dedicated Servers

Why Dedicated Server is the Right Choice for You?

Finding the right hosting for your business is a tough task. You get what you pay for – it goes perfectly right with reliable VPS and dedicated server. Dedicated hosting is the most expensive option when it comes to a slew of benefits.

Dedicated server

Though, it is not appropriate for everyone, it’s the best option for corporations and websites that handle huge traffic and sensitive data. If dedicated hosting is one that has lured your, take a look at some of its benefits.

The first benefit of using dedicated hosting is that it offers incredible bandwidth, complete customization, and absolutely, not the least, you don’t have to share the server with anyone else.

It is Reliable and Accessible

I think there is rarely any other hosting option more reliable than this. With shared hosting, you share your server space with a number of other sites. And, in case anyone happens to be sucking your data means you will be paying for slow speed data.

This means that reliability increases with a dedicated server as you are using 100 percent energy. You get exclusive control over the resources; in short, ‘uptime’ is in your hands.

It’s a great thing as you get administrative access and control with dedicated servers, so you get more hands in approach. The good thing about reliable VPS and dedicated servers is that you have more control over what you can personally do. Further, it is easy to install new programs at your will.

You can even monitor server resources and pinpoint issues to correct on your own.

It Gives More Support and Security

Of course, a dedicated server means you have access to exclusive technical support. It means that any problem is quickly diagnosed and addressed timely. Unlike other kinds of hosting options, the preventatives know that you are paying dollars for the services and thus, they take special care.


Moreover, it is easy to change your settings, a troubleshoot problem, or manage anything that suits your website. Any kind of help is available around the clock in any manner you prefer. Therefore, a dedicated server is simply the best when it comes to managing large business firms.

Lastly, dedicated servers offer security that is never promised by other servers. The obvious reason behind this is that you are not sharing your computer space with anyone else. Specifically, these servers are just as secure as a prison, and are able to bear any kind of climate disaster.

When people do not have room in their business to store the servers, ‘outsourcing’ is the best way to save your space.

There are several reasons why you should use dedicated servers, the above mentioned are some of them. Reliable VPS and dedicated servers play a key role in offering the best hosting services to several business operations. Using dedicated servers is always a great option for using business and websites that seek huge traffic. Therefore, make sure you use this server for your business.

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Dedicated Servers

Major Benefits and Disadvantages of Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Server

Having a reliable server for the business is crucial. Getting the ability to host your own site, along with uninterrupted access and analysis is something that creates a wise investment. However, an important decision to make would be selecting between the managed and unmanaged dedicated server.

cloud-versus-dedicated-1Both have different drawbacks and benefits, which you must know in order to make the right decision. While the hardware is almost same for managed and unmanaged servers, the major difference lies in the amount of knowledge and ability to use the server.

In an unmanaged dedicated server, a client needs to be absolutely self-sufficient being a web server administrator. Further, the administrator must be able to install and manage the operating system, security applications, install software, etc. and upgrade them periodically.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Unmanaged Dedicated Server

In most cases, unmanaged dedicated servers come from a datacenter that has already has a set-up hardware, working internet connectivity, assigned IP addresses and working operating system. The remaining elements are addressed by the owner/administrator. A set of specific tasks undertaken are:

  • Installing programs

  • Configuring the server

  • Ongoing troubleshooting

  • Adding a firewall and shooting

What type of business should take an unmanaged server? Well, the obvious answer is someone who has experience with the set up and the capability to maintain the server. The largest benefit of using an unmanaged dedicated server isn’t that you get an individual set up – in fact, even the managed server has the same, but the upfront cost is much lower for an unmanaged server. One concern though is that the lower upfront cost may lead to excessive ongoing costs. The server needs to be handled or maintained carefully and fix all types of issues.


Benefits and Disadvantages of Managed Server

There are two major benefits of a managed server. One, all set-up and ongoing maintenance is handled expert on the subject. And, the second, your system will be designed to come up with business’s unique need and specifications. Several types of services are available, and thus, the number of specialized services varies. Some most common are:

  • Control panel

  • Basic support

  • Performance monitoring

  • Secure shell (SSH) access

  • Automated backups

Along with this services, the additional services range in performance and price, according to the business’s needs.

Some of these include:

  • Remote booking

  • Load balancing

  • On-demand services for the business, etc.

The biggest drawback of managed servers is that its cost is commensurate with the different services rendered.

Both managed and unmanaged servers must be selected based on needs and informed decisions after comparing all the available options.

The unmanaged dedicated server provider usually offers crucial tasks such as monitor and connectivity, network-monitoring, equipment and web-server for any hardware and other connectivity-related issues. This system is beneficial for those companies having skilled staff members. On the other hand, managed dedicated server has several other benefits. It absolutely depends which one suits your needs; however, both of the types have certain merits and demerits.

Make a wise choice when choosing a server for your business.